Friday, January 28, 2011

Midsummer Night's Dream

We have run 3 very good shows this week. I have had a great cast. Three students abandoned ship on the first day - we had to make quick changes, but the show must go on! And so, one of the girls cast as Starvelling doubled as a fairy - luckily, she practiced the Ribbon Dance as an understudy. The boy who played Quince delivered lines for Snout/Wall, and a former student was dragged out of the audience to play Snug/Lion. To tell the truth, without the two young men who were supposed to play Snug and Snout, the performance went better. Why? Perhaps the people who were on stage were fully committed...
From all of this there is a valuable learning: have as many understudies as possible!
The highlight of the show: a most talented actress Tsega - she should be on professional stage! She lived, she cried, she was Hermia! Both Helena (Nadya) and Hermia (Tsega) were so much into their roles, that their fight turned bloody - Tsega got a scratch and Nadya got a bruise!

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